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The end of the year is officially here, and soon we will all be saying goodbye to 2022 and hello to 2023! It has been a year for Q Events and the team working countless hours behind the scenes. We opened our doors to 25,266 guests and held 175 events across our first year of having our doors open!

This year we welcome a brand-new team across our Sales, Planning & Marketing roles, so let us introduce you to the all-star team:

  • Amber Scott
  • Emily Clarke
  • Gemma Bucholtz
  • Cathlyn Chow
  • Hope Potter
  • Jai Peters
  • Joanne Schorback
  • John Bamba
  • Marijana Bozinoska
  • Samantha Perez

And welcome back some familiar faces to you all:

  • Amy Keeshan
  • Amy Lyons
  • Angela Murphy
  • Phillip Williams

To reflect on 2022, we asked a few of our team in the spare 5 minutes they had during this festive season to reflect on the past year and what they were looking forward to in 2023.

What highlights did you have this year?

Marijana: A huge highlight this year was excelling in my career & working with a fabulous team who have taught me endless amounts of knowledge which I am truly grateful for.

Amber: Progressing in my career as an event planner and starting my new role at Q Events!

Samantha: I embarked on a new adventure when I moved to Australia this year, which has been a whirlwind of emotions but a highlight. I also started a new job at Q Events, where I learn a lot from my clients and team!

Amy: Watching the team grow bigger at Q Events! It’s great to see more events; hopefully, 2023 will be bigger and better!

Hope: Moving into a sales career was a huge personal highlight this year as I have been working towards this! Also, starting my new role at Q Events has been a significant step in progressing my career!

Emily: Starting my role in Marketing at Q Events, it was super exciting to be working in an office as my previous role was working from home, and I got super lonely! Working in hospitality means I thrive off making connections with people, we are in the business of creating experiences for others, so I think I have found the industry for me.  On a personal note, a highlight was being able to travel back to New Zealand for the first time since 2019 and visit all my family and friends – a trip that was very overdue!! 

Joanne: Moving to Port Melbourne! And transitioning from my previous role in Radio Sales to Corporate Sales for Events!

Gemma: A highlight for me is getting back into hospitality and focusing solely on events; I haven’t done this before. For the past few years, I have been out of the industry (thanks to Covid); I have never been happier to be back in an industry I love. 

What event really stood out for you and why?

Marijana: 100% Blackmagic, the event’s styling defeats all extremes of the event world. It shows the limitations that Q Events can break as a new venue in the CBD.

Amber: Although Blackmagic was not an event I planned, it was by far the most impressive event Q Events hosted! The styling was outstanding, and they transformed the space into something spectacular.

Samantha: The Blackmagic Design Christmas Party! The concept of the event, all the planning it needed and the styling, it was amazing to see the space transformed for the event.

Amy: Blackmagic Christmas Party, which was designed by Lettuce & Co. From the first site inspection with Robyn and Lisa, I knew this would be an event like no other and exceeded my expectations. It was impressive!

Hope: Walking into the Blackmagic Design Christmas Party was amazing! It was incredible to see it finally come to life.

Emily: Honestly…any event we hold at Q Events blows me away! I love walking into the venue and seeing how each client or couple executes their imagination within our blank canvas! Specifically, a work-related highlight was the photoshoot we did in collaboration with Sash from Collections Photography. This photo shoot was stunning, and I led this project, and it was my first time coordinating so many different suppliers, production studios and models. So much fun, and the feedback I got was super positive; honestly a career highlight.

Joanne: Walking into Q Events and seeing the Blackmagic Christmas Party was incredible! Seeing all the small details that were thought about was unreal to see. 

Gemma: The Blackmagic Design Christmas Party was insane! This event was themed Circus, and I wished I was a little kid again just so I could stay and have the time of my life in the Greatest Showman Themed Room; there was a cinema, colouring-in tables, popcorn machine and fair floss, so much creativity in one space!

What challenged you this year, and what did you learn from it?

Marijana: Dealing with different personalities has been challenging as an individual and an employee. Certain situations have taught me how to interact with clients on a day-to-day basis and taught me how to think on my feet. A strategic skillset I am so grateful to be developing.

Amber: One of the biggest challenges I have faced this year is coming into a new workplace with a different system and structure. From this, I have had to learn how to adapt to a new team and processes. I look forward to further understanding the business and developing internal and external relationships.

Samantha: Moving to another country has been challenging but exciting! I moved from Mexico this year, and what can I say? The people in Australia are amazing. In addition, every day at work is a new opportunity to learn something new and develop my skill set.

Amy: We changed to a new booking & planning system halfway through the year and learned how to use it as we went along! It taught me to be patient and open to something new.

Hope: I have been challenged by transitioning from my previous planner role to my new role within sales! It has been a learning curve, but it has taught me a lot.

Emily: Marketing and sales go hand in hand; however, navigating the sales vs. marketing world can be challenging as there are many different skill sets and personalities. I am learning many different interpersonal skills, which I am very happy to have.

Joanne: Moving house –  I never want to move house again!!

Gemma: Starting a new role right before the busiest time of the year. It’s always hard to start a new role; however, starting during a particularly busy time is was extra challenging. I also had to learn the hospitality world again after retail, a very different business style for the past few years. Honestly, I love it here!

What are you looking forward to in 2023?

Marijana: Organising bigger events at Q Events. I also look forward to the fast-paced nature that Q Events are developing, the venue is new, and we are getting more and more bookings as the brand develops.

Amber: I started during the Christmas period, most of the events I have planned have been Christmas parties, so in 2023 I look forward to planning a different range of events. I especially look forward to planning my first wedding at Q Events; the space is perfect and adaptable! On a personal note, I look forward to my first overseas trip to Bali post-lockdown!

Samantha: I am excited to continue to explore Australia! And am looking forward to learning and developing within my personal and professional life.

Amy: I am so excited to travel in 2023; after all, we haven’t been able to do it for years! I also look forward to planning more private events at Q and the Valiant Bar. People know how to have fun in our spaces, and we can create buzz!

Hope: I look forward to experiencing more exciting and impressive events that Q Events will host in 2023! I love selling the space, and I cannot wait to sell it more in the new year.

Emily: There are lots of new and exciting offers and campaigns in the works for Q Events…keep your eyes peeled. Hopefully, I can squeeze in a holiday; European summer sounds nice right about now!

Joanne: Fingers crossed, I can go on Holiday!  And of course, the summer weather, bring on the beach!

Gemma: I am ready for a break; that’s for sure I need to get on a plane and go anywhere; I honestly don’t care; I just have FOMO from seeing all my friends travelling lol. South America or Europe is high on the list. 

Thank you to all who attended our inaugural Jingle & Mingle Christmas Lunch. We shared lunch with 155 of our key customers at Q Events.  Spirits were high, and laughter was loud. We decked out Q Events in Christmas Cheer and Giant Red Bows, and $5 from the cost of each bow was donated to the Salvation Army. Photos will be available soon, so please keep an eye out for them on our Facebook page. 

We couldn’t have had such a great year without the support of our fabulous clients & couples! And the hard work and dedication of our entire team!

We can’t wait to continue to create more memories with you in 2023! From our team to you, wishing you a Merry Christmas & a safe and Happy New Year xx.

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