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Happy engagement season! It’s that time of the year when everyone is either popping the question, saying ‘I Do’ or searching through every drawer in the house, reading too much into conversations and deciding when the perfect time to get your nails done is (we’ve all been there…don’t lie).

So, whilst you are in that phase where anything and everything you can think about is marrying the love of your life…we wanted to give you insights on what wedding trends we are expecting to see in 2023 (some you may have started seeing towards the back end of 2022). So, dust off that wedding Pinterest board you’ve saved for a rainy day and get your fingertips ready to search & pin these trends.

See our 2023 wedding trends board here.


‘Bust a move’ party dresses

Two dresses are better than one! Who wants to worry about tripping on their gown when they are about to get down… on the dance floor, that is! ?

The movement started towards the end of 2022 and has stuck ever since. Brides choose their dream wedding gown for the ceremony & the start of the reception, but once the lights dim, they change into what we call their ‘party dress’. These dresses usually are shorter, sexier and way more fun! Tulle, feathers & lace are among the fabrics making a massive appearance. But remember the dress’s details; we touched on it briefly, but pearl core is here to stay and make room for large bows & ribbons, typically at the back of the dress.

Disco Balls

Set the disco fever party vibes for your wedding from the minute your guests enter the space. Hang them, display them in clusters on the floor, incorporate them into your table centrepieces…or, if you want to take it to the next level, add them to every free surface you can find!

Hollywood Waves

Ever looked at a celebrity on the red carpet and had absolute hair envy? There’s something spectacular about the silky waves falling delicately down your back. Imagine this as your bridal look; a sleek behind-the-ear style with beautiful accessories such as clips & pins. Or if you’re still loving the pearl core trend (I mean, who isn’t?), having scattered pearls that appear to be floating on top of the hair is so effortlessly elegant.

Retro Wedding Cakes

We started to see these pop up in 2022, but they are here to STAY! Picture vintage 80’s & 90’s aesthetic, i.e., frills, pops of colour & cherries, of course.

Audio Guest Books, aka ‘Vintage Phone Moments’

Long gone are more traditional guest books – 2023 brides are outside-of-the-box thinkers, which makes an audio guest book the way forward. Not only is the guest book adorable (who would have thought a dial phone would be making a comeback in the 21st century?). You can interchange colours, personalise them & then capture authentic voicemail messages at your wedding! You will hear it all from the in-laws and guests, from sentimental to mildly inappropriate. PLUS IG-worthy as you and your guests can take photos with them for the gram.

Rustic Styled Weddings

And if disco isn’t your vibe, don’t worry…rustic softer colours are in too! Let’s face it, though, were they ever out? Opt for orange centrepieces; they are the perfect pop of colour and accompaniment to your reception. Incorporate burnt oranges, browns, nudes, muted blues & greens for an authentic rustic feel to your magical day!

Black & White Portraits & Slow Shutter Speed Photos

There’s nothing more romantic than wedding photos in Black & White. They allow your photographer to highlight and capture the emotions that you & your guests are feeling at that exact moment. Couples want to be able to capture every moment of their wedding day & night and allow all photos to tell a story. Slow Shutter Speed pictures are the newest photography trend, as they show movement in an ethereal way and embody that moment.

Statement Florals

From large floral installations hanging from the ceiling to floor clusters & ceremony arches, there are many ways to incorporate florals in your wedding to make a statement. Think of hot colours on the street: hot pink, sharp blues, and vivid oranges that give that POP are in. What’s the saying, “go big or go home?”? We’re only joking…, but in all seriousness, statement florals will take over 2023.


Traditional Reception Entrances

More and more couples are ditching the traditional reception entrances and opting for something bolder. We are now in what we call the ‘flash dance era’. We are seeing more and more bridal & groom parties performing a choreographed dance routine to a mash-up of songs as they enter the reception.


As much as we love them, we can see the movement away from pastel yellows & blues. It’s all about the orange hues & pops of colour now! But if you’re a yellow & blue pastel lover, we won’t hold that against you ? after all, what goes around comes around.

Posed Photographs

Whilst they aren’t entirely ‘out,’ couples want their photographers to focus more on candid & editorial-style photographs. We get it you want to be able to look back on their wedding photos and feel the emotions & movements that will transport you back in time rather than remind you of the awkward posing your photographer made you do. Hello, MAFS much?

Traditional Wedding Cakes

We want to encourage unconventional thinking at Metropolis Events. This is why we’re all for the retro wedding cake trend to take over! However, that doesn’t mean you call your cake supplier and ask them to bin the beautiful traditional cake they’ve been planning for you… it’s ultimately your cake, your choice, and we will support your decision all the way.

Taking your partner’s last name

It’s 2023, and we love that brides (or grooms) are not taking their partners’ last names and keeping their own. It’s the best of both worlds in our eyes. If you want an element of tradition, though…have you thought about hyphenating?

Boho Wedding

Officially, the Boho wedding theme is out, and the Rustic theme has formally taken over. Personally, we are glad to see the fringe being phased out (it’s a little messy to clean up), but that’s just our personal opinion (and the wedding gods), so we understand if you are a boho festival babe through and through, you do you, and we won’t judge you!

Non-Inclusive Venues

It’s 2023; need we say more?

Only having a weekend or evening wedding

Weekday weddings aren’t given the same amount of love! Typically, it is more affordable than, say, a Friday or Saturday & there are so many more dates available –and with the backlog of weddings from the previous two years, brides are tired of waiting for their wedding date to be available.

Oh, shoot, before we forget, we have another wedding IN wedding websites! Imagine all your wedding information in one place, and it’s all totally accessible on your phone & shareable with all your nearest & dearest (that’s the dream, right?). Plus, it’s totally complimentary when you become a #QBride. 


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