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This International Women’s Day, we inspire inclusion, diversity and empowerment through 2024 and beyond. International Women’s Day is a global reminder of women’s social, cultural, economic and political achievements.

In 2024, the official IWD campaign is inspired by INCLUSION across all aspects of society. The United Nations ‘Count Her In: Invest in Women. Accelerate Progress‘ is centred around gender equality and women’s well-being globally, focusing on ending poverty, investing in women, shifting to a green economy, and supporting feminist change makers.

When women are given equal opportunities to earn, learn and lead – entire communities thrive. 

The entertainment industry has long struggled with inequality, as widely recognised. At Q Events, we take immense pride in our commitment to inclusivity, particularly in empowering women. We believe in providing equal opportunities for professional growth and development, regardless of gender, and this is recognised as many of our planning, sales, operations, and kitchen team members are women. We deeply value their contributions to the events space. By fostering a culture of inclusivity and empowerment, we aim to harness the full potential of our diverse workforce and drive innovation and success. 

Our events would not thrive the way they do without our incredible team!

As we continue to celebrate the achievements within our team, we also extend our appreciation to the many female-run businesses and suppliers who grace our venue each day. 

The entrepreneurial dedication shows through their work and our events.

Let’s spotlight some of our most admired female creatives below.



Anything and everything event related… Robyn, Lisa & Lucy, the powerhouses trio born from a creative collaboration in 2013, are at the helm of Lettuce & Co. style, eat & play, and ever since, they’ve been on an epic ride designing and delivering shit-hot stuff for all types of events in all shapes and sizes. They are the creatives, stylists, planners, prolific list makers, logistical engineers, budget sleuths, late-night consultants, dilemma technicians, your co-conspirators, and your new ‘favourite’ on your phone.


Smokey Oscar, located in Melbourne, Australia, is driven by a passion for creating ‘those moments’! Smokey uses a journalistic approach that captures raw emotion quietly and personally. It’s not very often that you spend big bucks, look drop-dead gorgeous, and come together with all your special people to celebrate life and love. Capturing those details that bring back wild memories is as important to me as it is to you. Don’t worry—Smokey has got you covered!

flower jar

Angie & Rhiannon are both real-life florists with a lot of love and creativity to share with Melbourne & beyond. Way back in 2011 (after many years of us both flowering in Melbourne and London) we started this amazing, fun, creative, sometimes stressful (in the best kinda way) FLOWER jar journey together.  They decided that 2 flowery heads are waaay better than one (and a lot less lonely!) so Fj was realised.

This International Women’s Day, we continue to creating an inclusive environment and future, one where contributions of women are celebrated, valued and amplified across our platforms! 

Ensuring that the standard principles of  INCLUSION and EMPOWERMENT resonate through our efforts beyond this day and in years to come.

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