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Are you ready to say 'I Do' with the latest trends?

Couples are now redefining traditional weddings and infusing their nuptials with their own unique flair.

At Q Events, we love love, and we love trends!

Welcome to a new era of weddings!

Here are our favourite wedding trends of the season.

handwritten Menus

Handwritten menus bring a personalised and intimate feel to any event. They can be elegantly scripted by hand on parchment paper or casually written on chalkboards to create an interactive element for your celebration. If you’re not into writing by hand yourself or hiring a calligrapher, handwritten-style fonts are available. They look like handwriting but are printed, adding a special touch and showcasing the couple’s attention to detail and personality for their guests.

Unique champagne towers (5 tiers!!!)

Champagne towers have taken on a new level of WOW with 5 tier structures coming through. As the bubbly cascades down each tier, it creates a fun element to your event, kickstarting the celebrations and getting you in the mood to get on the dance floor. 

bows everywhere

Bows are taking over! They are making a statement in clothing and decor. From oversized bows adorning chairs to delicate bows embellishing invitations, wedding attire, and bouquets, they add a touch of elegance and playfulness to every aspect of the wedding.

fruits & florals

Fresh fruits add vibrant colours, textures and flavours to table settings, elevating the dining experience. Whether used as centrepieces, garnishes or part of displays, incorporating fruits into table floral design brings a refreshing and seasonal touch to your wedding.

documentary style

Documentary-styled photography and videography capture candid moments and genuine emotions, allowing us to tell the story of a wedding day in a natural and unscripted manner. It will enable couples to express themselves authentically without a polished touch and feel. 

vintage inspired cakes

Retro vintage cakes create nostalgia and charm with intricate designs, delicate detailing and timeless elegance. From lace patterns to floral touches, these cakes add a layer of old romance to the dessert tables.

ice sculptures...

Are ice sculptures making a comeback? We think so!

From serving chilled beverages in intricately carved sculptures to fully functional ice bars, these frozen works of art create a unique yet memorable focal point for guests to admire.

tasting stations

Tasting stations are in! They offer guests the opportunity to explore a variety of delicious treats. From gourmet cheeses to seafood selections and an array of desserts, food displayed beautifully and served creates an interactive and customisable dining experience. Tasting stations cater to diverse preferences, ensuring every guest finds something to savour and enjoy.

These trends showcase the endless opportunities 2024 will bring, and they will definitely take over the wedding scene. So if you’re planning your big day or contributing to someone else’s, don’t wait too long! Jump on quickly and be first in best dressed. 


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